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Stunning Baby Harlequin Macaw for Sale

We have one very rare and gorgeous hand-reared baby Harlequin Macaw for sale from the 2022 season. He is not ready to go just yet as he is still being hand-reared in a loving and well-socialised home with daily interaction with dogs, Macaws and visits from children every few days.

You must understand the demands for keeping such a large and beautiful parrot. He is a lifelong companion who is going to require daily interaction and a nice big cage or aviary to sleep and play in. The Harlequin macaw is a very rare Macaw. This baby boy is a Hybrid Macaw, crossed between a Green Wing Macaw and a Blue and Gold Macaw. He will grow to have the large stature and loving nature of a Green Wing Macaw and the playful clown-like and talkative attitude of the Blue and Gold Macaw. Harlequins are good talkers, very friendly, and have rather amusing personalities.

The baby is DNA sexed as a male and is a very sturdy baby who already loves his head scratches. This baby is just being introduced to weaning now. He will not be sold before being fully weaned so to secure him a deposit will be needed. He is closed rung and comes with his DNA sex results.

Please do not ask for deals and the best prices. Macaws are expensive to buy and own. A large cage or aviary will be needed to give the baby a happy life. Please do your research and if you feel you can meet all of the requirements to keep a Harlequin Macaw, then you will be rewarded with a lifelong loving and gentle companion. Deposits are 20% of the purchase price to reserve him.

Baby Harlequin Macaw Information
Male (DNA Sexed)
10 Weeks
Blue and Gold Macaw x Green Wing Macaw
Pet ID:
Med. 26-60 lbs
Birmingham, UK
Blue and Gold Macaw x Green Wing Macaw
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Image £3,400
Age : 10 Weeks

Baby Harlquin Macaw (Rare)

Stunning Baby Harlequin Macaw for Sale We have one

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